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If you've created a button and added it to campaign, the next step to take is to setup the campaign to point to the proper element on your page. In most cases this is the "Add to Cart" button.  If you are using Shopify, we have already setup some of the most common themes to be used out of the box. Simply navigate to your campaign settings and select your theme from the "Shopify Theme" dropd...Read More

When a visitor hits your product page, we'll assign them a button which they will see for the remainder of their session - even if they navigate away from the page and come back. This assignment is random and distributed evenly amongst your site visitors.  You can have as many buttons in a campaign as you'd like and we will evenly spread them across your traffic. If a visitor leaves your we...Read More

You can definitely run more than one campaing at a time. For the best results and the most accurate data tracking, we suggest you only run one campaign at a time on a single element on your site. This essentially means that, if you want to test different button designs for your "Add to Cart" button, then add all the buttons to a single campaign pointed at your add to cart button. You can still ru...Read More

You may find that you have a single button you'd like to test a few different variations of. Instead of rebuilding the button from scratch each time and trying to get the settings to match, you can simply duplicate the button with all of its settings and then . tweak the new copy to create your variations. If you'd like to make a copy of a button, navigate to the "Buttons" screen and click the ic...Read More

If you are on Shopify and want to replace your add to cart button, you will have the option of selecting your theme instead of following the steps below.   When you setup a campaign, you will need to let Better Button know which element on your website should be replaced. This could be an add to cart button, subscribe button, or any other button you'd like to use the app to design.  &...Read More

If you are using Shopify with Better Button, you will have the option to select your theme in the campaign settings so that your Add to Cart buttons on your product pages will be replaced with your Better Button buttons.   Unsupported Themes There are a lot of Shopify themes out there. We try to support as many as we can, but, for some merchants, you may find your theme is not listed as an...Read More

If, for some reason, you decide you'd like to cancel your subscription for Better Button and remove it from your Shopify store, you can simply login to Shopify, go to "Apps" and click the trash can icon next to the app you'd like to install.  Uninstalling the app will cancel your billing suscription, remove our code from your site and cancel your account with Better Button. If you decide you...Read More

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